Langley Environmental Partners Society

As a leading environmental organization in the Fraser Valley since 1993, LEPS actively partners with local environmental stewardship groups to engage the public in a variety of initiatives that contribute to a healthy community. Working towards enacting our mission of “protecting and restoring the environment through education, cooperation and action” and fostering a balanced approach to sustainable living.

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About us

Langley Environmental Partners Society is a unique, non-profit, partnership driven society that provides a bridge between community, business, and government facilitating greater cooperation to achieve our mission of ‘protecting and restoring the natural environment through education cooperation and action’.


our Action

The aim of LEPS’ education program is to involve the community in stewardship actions that raise awareness of the natural environment. We are achieving this goal through each of our education initiatives.

At LEPS we love sharing our knowledge and encouraging others to also live a more sustainable lifestyle. We work with energetic community volunteers to engage the public through a number of programs

LEPS actively engages with local environmental stewardship initiatives that contribute to practical and cooperative solutions to environmental issues in Langley and beyond, through conserving and restoring habitats, mapping ecosystems, implementing sustainable agriculture, monitoring and protecting wildlife, and raising public awareness.


The WaterWise program is an initiative of the Township of Langley’s Water Resource Management Strategy. It includes a public outreach and educational program delivered annually throughout the Township with the help of Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS). Since 2002, the WaterWise program has visited communities and neighbourhoods informing residents about the importance of local groundwater resources, and providing practical ways to conserve and protect our supply.

Learning Farm

The Learning Farm is part of a series of elements designed to provide education on local food production to the Langley community, and in particular the students within the Langley School District. Students learn the basis of food crop production, the agriculture food system that brings food to their tables, and stewardship of the environmental space of which we are gradians.

learning farm

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Monday - Thursday, 9am to 4pm. Because we are often working in the field, please call ahead to ensure someone is in the office.

We are here

Our mailing address is: Langley Environmental Partners Society 201- 4839 221 Street Langley, BC V3A 2P1 Unceded Coast Salish Territory