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“In the end, we conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”

– – Baba Dioum, Senegalese poe

Langley Environmental Partners Society strives to assist educators in watershedteaching fun and effective environmental education programs, in the classroom and outdoors. The EcoKit Education Program is a nine-module “toolkit”, complete with the materials and equipment you need to carry out suggested experiments and activities. Most activities fit with current science IRP packages and are easily modified to suit various grade levels.

Agricultural Stewardship
Learn about the different agriculture land uses in BC. Read the book “Eat-Up: Healthy Food for a Healthy Earth” to discover where our food comes from and how it affects the earth. This EcoKit features resources provided by BC Agriculture in the Classroom.

Climate Change
Use the Temperature Rising poster to learn about the Earth’s changing climate. Create a greenhouse in a jar. Learn what schools can do about global warming. Contains a Toronto Environmental Alliance binder with activities and curriculum connections.

Invasive Species
Learn about common characteristics of invasive species through activities and research projects. Go on an invasive species hunt in your school yard with colourful flash cards. Discuss ways to protect our planet from invasive species.

Species at Risk
Play Species at Risk Jeopardy and learn about Canada’s threatened and endangered plants and animals. Discover what happens to food webs and ecosystems when one species is removed through a fun, interactive activity.

Streams, Fish & Aquatic Habitats
webLearn about the Pacific Salmon lifecycle with an easy to play board game and travel with Charles E. Chum as he makes his way through life. Play tag to discover stressors to aquatic bug populations. Explore water through activities with Holly Heron.

Trees & Plants
Take your class on a nature walk and identify native plants with flash cards and identification books. Make your own recycled paper. Plant a tree in your schoolyard or grow one in your classroom with instructions and materials provided in this EcoKit.

Waste Reduction & Composting
Learn fun worm facts and discover how they turn our waste into useable compost. Watch the video “Worm Bin Creatures: Alive Through a Microscope”. Participate in your own waste reduction challenge.

Water, Groundwater & Watersheds
Use a model to learn about the water cycle. Find out which Langley watershed you live in. Understand how we contribute to water pollution. Learn how to test water quality. Discover the importance of wetlands.

Wildlife Habitats & Ecosystems
Play a card game to learn about food chains. Dissect owl pellets. Identify local birds and wild flowers. Build a bird nest, and decide who’s the better builder – you or the bird! Learn about echolocation and make your own bat ears.
Note: Please contact the LEPS Education Coordinator if you would like owl pellets.

Ecokits are housed at the Langley School District Media Centre during the school year. They are only available to SD35 teachers during this time. During the summer months contact the LEPS Education Coordinator for booking information at [email protected].

Call the Media Center at (604) 530-5151 to book an EcoKit today!

Funding for the EcoKits was provided by:

  • Shell Canada
  • VanCity EnviroFund
  • Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Township of Langley
  • Langley Rotary Club
  • Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parks
  • Fisheries Renewal BC
  • Save Our Fish Foundation
  • Urban Salmon Habitat Program
  • HRDC
  • NSERC – PromoScience