Gardening does not have to take place on an acreage, a large plot of land, or even a standard city lot. Gardening can take place in a small area such as a balcony, windowsill or even on a shaded fence.

LEPS helps coordinate and maintain both a Demonstration Garden and Community Gardens.

The Demonstration Garden and Community Gardens are important educational tools that LEPS uses to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle for residents of Langley and beyond.

Langley Demonstration Garden

Visit the Langley Demonstration Garden webpage to learn more about sustainable gardening practices.

Langley's Community Gardens

Visit LEPS’ Community Garden webpage to learn more about community gardens in Langley.

Gardening Workshops

LEPS often offers various gardening workshops. For more information sign up for our monthly newsletter


In addition to joining our newsletter for more information regarding gardening workshops, you can also check out our Events Page.