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A watershed stewardship group is any number of people who cooperate to OLYMPUS DIGITAL or improve the overall health of a watershed (all the land area that contributes runoff to a particular point along a waterway)

A watershed can be big, such as the Fraser River Watershed, or small, such as the Nathan Creek Watershed.
To learn more about the Township of Langley’s watersheds and to see an interactive map click here.
Most of the Langley Stewardship Groups meet on a monthly basis to discuss the state of their watershed(s) and make plans for future activities such as stream cleanups, restoration activities and attending community events to share information about how to keep watersheds healthy and species diverse.

LEPS and Watershed Stewardship Groups

  • Stewards need tools to make their job easier and more enjoyable. Our Stewardship Coordinator assist groups by:
  • Providing training and technical support
  • Providing maps and biophysical information on watersheds
  • Obtaining permits
  • Liaising with government agencies
  • Helping design and manage stream restoration and enhancement projects
  • Providing administrative support, such as recording and distributing meeting minutes
  • Securing project funding

What other Resources can Stewards draw on?

There are regional stewardship organizations and government agencies and departments that provide technical support and guidance to community groups and individual stewards. They include:

What Stewardship Groups exist in Langley?

With seven stewardship groups, residents in Langley are fortunate to have one of the most active stewardship communities in the Lower Mainland. They are: