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For Educators

At LEPS, the goal for our education program is to involve the citizens, young and old, of the Langleys in stewardship actions which raise awareness of the natural environment, ultimately leading to increased respect for and conservation of the biodiversity of our area. We are achieving this goal through each of our education initiatives:

Classroom Workshops

Our team of educators will visit your classroom (either in-person or virtually) or meet you on location at one of our outdoor learning spaces to present one of our many experiential, environmental education workshops.  For program details and pricing check out our 2023 – 2024 Brochure.

Sorry, under construction! 

Digital Resources for Educators

LEPS has curated a large database of resources for educators to incorporate local sustainability issues into their curriculum. Our favorite guides, lesson plans, and activities are organized into topics, and then further by age group. You can find our collection of resources for educators at the link below.

If you have any questions about the resources or how to use them, you can contact our education department at [email protected].


Nature’s Classroom

This program is available for grade 3 to 7 classes from Langley or Surrey in either the spring or the fall. For six weeks (alternate weeks in the spring, consecutive weeks in the fall) classes visit the Langley Demonstration Garden to learn where food comes from, how it grows from a seed, and how it gets to our plates. With hands-on activities outdoors, students explore plant biology, soil health, farming, pollination, and the food system as a whole. Healthy food and learning from the natural world are ongoing themes. Teachers wishing to use the Nature’s Classroom program with an existing school garden can ask about having a portion of the sessions at their school, or are welcome to utilize the Nature’s Classroom curriculum themselves; it is available for free on our Resources page. Contact LEPS early to participate, as the program reaches capacity every year. Please note, we try to group grades 3-5 in the spring (after spring break to mid-June), and grades 5-7 in the fall (mid-September to end of October).

LEPS Bursary Fund

Established through a donation from Township of Langley Councilor Mel Kositsky, the fund offers bursaries to students who have volunteered with LEPS and are interested in pursuing a career in the environment.

LEPS Bursary Fund

School – Based Environmental Clubs

LEPS staff is available to assist teachers establish, plan and implement school environmental clubs.  We are also available to present short talks at club meetings.

For Rent

Owl Pellet Dissection – Sorry, not available at this time

A science experiment straight from the owls mouth! Teach the food chain, animal structure, ecology, and anatomy and history. *Limited availability, $1/pellet.

Storm Drain Marking Program

Paint a drain to save a fish! Mark the storm drains around your school with yellow fish. This symbol reminds residents that ALL DRAINS LEAD TO FISH HABITAT. All materials can be borrowed from LEPS. $100 deposit required.

All materials can be borrowed from LEPS at 604.546.0339 or [email protected]

Book an Environmental Education Workshop Today!

Contact our Education Coordinator to book an environmental education workshop for your class