Langley Eats Local Challenge

Langley Eats Local challenges you to spend one week sourcing as much of your food as possible from local farmers and producers!

The Challenge ends at the free annual Langley Eats Local celebration Wednesday, August 14th at the Langley Community Farmers Market (12-6 pm at KPU Langley), however, our week of local eating will run from Wednesday August 7 to 14, 2019.

You define your own goals – for example, by sourcing everything possible from Langley and everything else from small, local businesses; or by drawing a strict 300km radius from your home for most of what you eat but allowing yourself 5 non-local ingredients for the tricky things like rice and salt.

Just remember, this should be a week of feasting, not fasting! On top of the incredible abundance of vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy that Langley offers, you might be surprised what exotic foods are processed by locally-owned businesses including high-quality olive oils, coffee, and even chocolates.

If you need a nudge to get you started, we have something perfect for you! This year, we are adding a Farm Gate Passport! We have 10 local farms and businesses on our passport to get you steered towards the right path. Come to 5 out of 10 businesses that are on the passport to collect your stamp, and see what they have in store for you. Once you get your 5 stamps, enter into a draw for a mother lode gift basket of local fare. Pick up and drop off locations for your passport are at the LEPS office, the Langley Community Farmers Market, Laurica Farm and Milner Cheese. The draw for the gift basket will be done on August 16th. Passports are available August 5 , and they also are active for August 7 to 14.

Ready? Sign up here to join. You’ll receive further tips, tricks, and a reward for your efforts – plus chances to win more tasty treats by documenting your week on social media!