LEPS Bursary Fund

Help us, help you!

Students who volunteer with LEPS or are involved in stewardship activities in Langley are encouraged to apply for a bursary fund to assist with the costs of furthering their environmental education.

When Township of Langley Councillor Mel Kositsky won $1000 from BC Hydro at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention in 1998, he donated the money to LEPS with a special request. He wanted to see a self-sustaining bursary program that would promote environmental studies to the citizens of the Township of Langley.

The recipient will receive a one time award of $500.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Volunteer a minimum of 15 hours with LEPS.
  • Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant.
  • Be a full-time student in the next academic school year at a recognized university, community college, technical institute or other post-secondary institution for advanced learning
  • Pursuing full-time studies in an environmental sciences related program, including environmental, conservation, forest or plant sciences, forest engineering, renewable resources, sustainable forestry, environmental biology and forest technology, are encouraged to apply.
  • Demonstrated devotion to and active participation in environmental issues.
  • Recipients will be selected on the basis of financial need, demonstrated leadership abilities and demonstrated commitment to their communities.

Application Process

Applications will be available on the LEPS website, at the LEPS office and with Career Councilors at high schools.

Bursary Application (Downloadable)

Sustaining the EnviroBursary

The need to sustain LEPS’s ability to provide a bursary for students is important. Creating an interest and passion in the environmental sector and sustainable living in general can be very rewarding for both the organization and the students who volunteer and might eventually receive a bursary from LEPS.

Until the bursary fund is deemed stable, only one bursary will be provided per year. LEPS aims to increase the fund to a minimum of $15,000 as it moves towards creating the fund in perpetuity.

If you need more information on the Bursary Fund or are looking for more information, contact our Executive Director at [email protected].