Reflections of Summer

Awesome words from Izzy, one of the Langley City Summer Youth Eco Crew that worked with us during summer of 2015.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with LEPS and my coworkers this summer. Every day was a privilege rather than an obligation to come in to work, and that was largely due to the cause I was contributing towards and the people behind LEPS.

It was not just a job to me; the efforts I participated in were, and are, important. Knowing I was making a tangible difference in my community instilled a sense of purpose. Not only that, but I was presented with such a rich education through field work, workshops and courses, like plant ID, first aid level one, foodsafe level one, worksafe, stream keeping, invasive plant removal, community interaction, and restoration, that I have achieved a greater awareness of my surroundings and how I can impact my environment – positively or negatively. Hearing lessons taught in school does not amount to the hands on understanding that LEPS provided me with.

Furthermore, I got to meet and work with absolutely amazing, passionate colleagues; everyone was enthusiastic towards the task at hand. My crew, especially, was comprised of hard-working individuals whom I was proud to call my teammates and now friends. I value the fact that LEPS and those I worked with treated me as a human being, not as a temporary asset. I felt respected and appreciated throughout my experience, and any feedback on my performance was either positive or constructive. I have a great deal of respect and admiration in return for my peers, and hold my boss in high esteem for her leadership skills with my crew.

This summer with LEPS was invaluable to me, and I could not be happier to have had this experience.I look forward to volunteering and working with LEPS in the future.


Isabel Scheier

(better known as Izzy)



Jackie, Carolyn, Tobias and Izzy