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LEPS actively engages with local environmental stewardship initiatives that contribute to practical and cooperative solutions to environmental issues in Langley and beyond, through conserving and restoring habitats, mapping ecosystems, implementing sustainable agriculture, monitoring and protecting wildlife, and raising public awareness.

Restorative Action

Restoration activities are divided into several program categories, each of which serves a different function. For information and examples about each of these categories, click on the appropriate link:

Agriculture Stewardship

The LEPS Agricultural Stewardship program aims to work with local farmers and landowners to ensure that the integrity of agricultural practices are maintained while minimizing the impact of agriculture on Langley’s streams and wetlands as well as fish and wildlife.

Manure Link Program

LEPS launched the Horse Manure Composting program in 2006. The program provides education and technical assistance to horse property owners throughout the province looking to improve their manure and pasture management. LEPS can show you how to create your own composting system, suggest improvements for your pastures and this program has many resources available for hobby farmers interested in composting.


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