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Langley is unique because of its rural character and abundant “green space”, which have largely been retained despite Langley’s proximity to a major urban center. Because of this unique quality, LEPS has been working with municipal, federal, provincial, and regional governments to develop a municipal Wildlife Habitat Conservation Strategy.

Endangered and Threatened Species

In Metro Vancouver Parks there are records of over 618 occurances of species. These records include Blue-listed, Red-listed, and Yellow-listed plants and animals. A listing of endangered and threatened wildlife species living in the Township of Langley.

The Brookswood/Fernridge Urban Wildlife Monitoring Program

The purpose of the Brookswood Fernridge Monitoring Program is to engage the community in monitoring specific focal species in the Brookswood/Fernridge neighbourhood. The intent of the program is to encourage residents to understand the importance of wildlife habitat they can provide on their properties and to provide the municipality with information that will assist in the conservation of wildlife habitat throughout the neighbourhood.

Wildlife Observations

Wildlife sightings and observations assist with making inferences about how wildlife is using habitat, confirming what wildlife may be found in an area, and tracking populations over time.

If you would like to contribute, please visit the Community Mapping Networks database where you will be able to contribute your sightings to the database