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LEPS is working with municipalities, private landowners, farmers, schools, and volunteers to re-establish riparian native plant communities.

This work is critical because Langley is home to many ecologically sensitive habitats that are under threat from urban and agricultural influences. Enhancing streamside habitat stabilizes banks, reduces the effects of erosion, improves habitat for all wildlife, and can improve surface and groundwater quality.

Since forming in 1993, LEPS has planted over 100,000 native plants, salvaged more than 3,000 native plants from over 110 sites, and has completed over 13,000 m of streamside planting.

How to get involved:

We are only able to accomplish this with the help of dedicated staff and volunteers! If you are interested in helping improve stream-side habitat, add hands-on work experience to your resume or meet really fun people visit our volunteer page.

In addition to volunteer opportunities, please also visit our employment page to add hands-on work experience to your resume.